Tuesday, May 12, 2009

there is no hiking hotline

On Saturday, AK, Bonnie, Jamie and I hiked Hoegee's Loop in the Angeles National Forest just north of Arcadia. Except, because we're not good at reading signs, it was more like Hoegee's Zigzag.

But look how intrepid we are in our cool REI gear. (Seriously, we were like a walking REI ad: The guy at REI told me this is how your shoes are supposed to fit.... I love my new REI water bottle!... I love my new REI pants!... The guy at REI gave me his phone number. At first I thought it was some kind of hiking hotline. Then I realized he was hitting on me, and there is no hiking hotline.)

"I love how misty the hills look," I said. "I think that's smog," someone else said.

The "waterfalls" also kind of reminded us we weren't too far out of the city. But I'm a proud urban hiker, so whatever.

AK was official keeper of the guidebook.

The trail was dotted with cute little cabins that looked like a WPA project. The next day at my grandma's Mother's Day gathering, I found myself yelling at one of her friends, an 80-year-old man who prides himself on telling people to learn English, "How can you tell me to move to Europe if I like socialism so much when the 1930s America you're saying is so great is known for FDR's socialist programs? Huh?"

The Hoegee Four.

The trail crisscrossed back and forth across a stream. Jamie and Bonnie and I made happy mountain goats, but I think AK must have thought, This is the last time I go hiking with a bunch of gymnasts and ballerinas.

Happy hikers.


Peter Varvel said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! You mean-yeller-at-old-men, you!

Laura and the family said...

Sounds like fun.. we once had a cabin up in San Gabriel Valley area. WE enjoyed hiking, especially through the creek.

Gina said...

Wonderful and amazing pictures!! REI offer a great collection of outdoor gears.

CC said...

Aaaarrgh! Spam!

Cheryl said...

PV: My theory is, if he's not too old to be an asshole, he's not too old to get a piece o' my mind.

L: Yeah, Northeast L.A. has great hiking. And where we are, it's a lot closer to get to than the beach.

G: Stupid spambot. That's what I get for mentioning REI six times in one paragraph.

CC: The machines are winning. We are the resistance.

Jamie Asaye FitzGerald said...

Corochao! as Blogger's apparently ineffective spam blocker prompts me to write.