Monday, November 02, 2009

come as you aren't

The pics I promised:

Real commitment to Halloween means a) wearing creepy zombie eyeball contacts over your regular contacts, b) biting little old ladies in the neck or c) letting a bunch of people spew candy wrappers and bits of peanut brittle all over your house. If you are JP, the answer is d) all of the above.

The Beales of Highland Park. Unfortunately this picture doesn't show off my too-short skirt over shorts and stockings. Classy stuff.

Roller derby pros Christine (a.k.a. Ida Mann) and Jody (Mr. Ref).

Meehan and Christy as Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan. Earlier in the evening, a West Hollywood club owner almost let Meehan cut to the front of the line. Christy tried to hide because she thought her wig would give them away. But what's more LiLo than hiding from the paparazzi?

Case in point.

On the dance floor/roller rink.

Jennifer as cloud princess.

The hills of Echo Park do afford a nice view, even if they suck to park on.

And no, we were not the only Beales of the evening.


Sizzle said...

Those are some GREAT costumes! I am particularly fond of "Ida Man" - now that's a great roller derby name. My favorite I saw at a bout was "Pia Mess". HA.

Cheryl said...

Pia took me a minute, but I love it. Nothing says hell-on-wheels more succinctly.

Peter Varvel said...

Love it!

Michael DeAntonio said...

That is dedication that I would get exhausted even dreaming about.