Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thank goodness Kellie read the fine print on Nerissa’s wedding website and emailed me: Black tie optional? I was going to wear something from H&M! I do have a fancy qi pao from China in my bag that would not be super comfortable but definitely fancy. But the slit is dangerously high, like perhaps inappropriately high.

I do not own a qi pao, fancy or otherwise, nor anything that is both nice enough to wear to a black tie optional wedding and warm enough for San Francisco in January. Which means my options are:

A) Dress it down a notch and hope dress codes are for boys. I mean, suits and tuxes are well-defined things. Dresses are open to interpretation. Right?

B) Wear all my fanciest, warmest things and make the formal grade from a technical standpoint, but look sort of mismatched because my nicest warm coat is pink and my nicest dress is red and my nicest shoes are just a little bondage-y.

C) Shop the minute our plane touches down. You can take BART from SFO and get spit out smack in the middle of Nordstrom. Just saying.


Claire said...

Re: option c, I refer you to this post because it takes place in SF, partially at Nordstrom's & covers me wedding clothes shopping last minute:

Formalwear Claire

I think the 'optional' part will let you get away with b, just pick a different jacket. SF isn't that cold. Good luck!

Sizzle said...

Shopping in SF is so much fun. I say option C though the idea of you wearing bondage-y shoes to a wedding strikes my fancy. :-)

Michelle Panik said...

Dress codes are *definitely* for boys.

Cheryl said...

I went with option D) silver lame (that's lam-ay, not lame--at least I hope) dress, black tights, bondage shoes. And a big black coat (borrowed from whoever left it at our house after our holiday party) to cover it all up during the Catholic-church ceremony.