Tuesday, August 11, 2009

vamos a la playa*, y al bilerico project tambien

Whenever Prince throws a post up on Bamboo Nation saying, “Check out my guest post on The Bilerico Project today,” I’m always kind of envious. He is a blog playa. (I put that in italics for emphasis, but now it looks like I’m trying to say “beach” in Spanish. My point is that Prince is a promiscuous blogger, okay?)

My guest blogging cherry was initially popped by Tracy of Kaply, Inc., but a one-night-stand around the holidays does not a playa make. So I was happy when Prince hit up the editor of The Bilerico Project, a roundup of queer news and opinion, to let Terry Wolverton and I interview each other about being gay writers of different generations. My interview with her is up now; hers with me runs tomorrow.

I’m curious whether you folks think there is a gay generation gap. Or perhaps many. Or maybe there are plenty of gay gaps (does that sound dirty? I thought I’d abandoned my sluttiness metaphor), but they’re not primarily along generational lines. Please discuss amongst yourselves in the comments section over at Bilerico.

*Oh, oh-oh, oh oh.... I could not resist adding that. Those of you who listened to a lot of Spanish radio and/or were in Ms. Borman’s Spanish 1 class in 1988 will understand.


Claire said...

Wow. The writing of your interview/article really blew my socks off, Cheryl. Damn.

Left a comment but I'm so tired right now that I hope I didn't come off like an asshole. Or completely incoherent.

But yes, multiple gay gaps.

and again, great job!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Yup. I get around.

Cheryl said...

C: That was a great comment. I love the idea that younger people can be role models too. I've always been really inspired by the kids I've mentored, queer and otherwise.

PG: As long as you use protection, it's all good. (What would that be in the blog world? A firewall?)

Donovan Keith said...

Congrats on your new playa status. I enjoyed the article.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for reading!