Monday, September 28, 2009

running in the family

Cathy: I know you’re a hypochondriac*—

But I didn’t used to be! Maybe it’s because I’m getting closer to the age where scary diseases are more likely to be a real issue. Also, I think we’re picking up each other’s coping mechanisms. You didn’t used to be nearly so OCD.

It’s true. The other day I found myself really annoyed to find an emaciated shampoo bottle in my shower. You know, like when someone squeezes it to get the last little bit of shampoo out, then closes the lid before the bottle has a chance to fill up with air? I used to think you and Dad were crazy to care about stuff like that.

Oh, emaciated shampoo bottles are the worst.

*I hope she's right. (Because I'm also superstitious, I have to add that. Now exuse me while I go wish on some eyelashes.)


Peter Varvel said...

Damn. Why can't we absorb each other's more positive attributes?

Michael DeAntonio said...

The dialogue is hilarious and beatifully written. I love the last line.

Meehan said...

Plastic shampoo bottles are the worst.

Jamie Asaye FitzGerald said...

Is that your own emaciated shampoo bottle illustration? If so, nice work!

Cheryl said...

PV: Well, the pillows on my sister's couch are arranged very nicely, and I'm staying on top of doctor's appointments, so there's arguably an upside.

MD: Thanks. Can't beat sibling conversations as source material.

M: It's true. A glass bottle wouldn't look all anorexic when empty OR contribute to the plastic island in the middle of the ocean.

J: No--believe it or not, I lack the tech skills even to crudely illustrate a screaming shampoo bottle. Just stole this one from somewhere online (shh...).