Friday, November 12, 2010

maybe katie already had a bottle

Katie Couric’s interview with Sarah Palin made Sarah Palin look dumb. Katie Couric’s interview with Fergie for Glamour Magazine makes Katie Couric look…hip hop? Fifteen?

KATIE COURIC: All right, in the completely shallow department, you have a sick body, woman.

Thank you, mama!

[Laughs.] No, seriously, damn. How do you do that?

I work out all the time.

Fergie goes on to discuss her cardio routine, where she keeps her Grammys, how Hoarders inspired her to clean out her shit and how she kicked meth but still likes to booze it up. “Send me a bottle,” says Katie.


Peter Varvel said...

I try to avoid being this pathetic middle-aged person that thinks he can hang with the current vernaculars of Young People.
But only sometimes . . .
(and yes, those Hoarders shows totally inspire me to clean out my shit - no-longer-used g-strings be gone!)

Cheryl said...

You could probably get good money for those G-strings on E-Bay. Another good reason to clean house.