Monday, July 13, 2009

combat traffic and patriarchy at the same time!

The 7 to 8 p.m. block on weeknights usually finds me on the eastbound 10 freeway. I’m pretty sure that’s where all of you are too, because despite altering my work hours precisely so I could avoid the so-called rush hour at 5 p.m., when I look out my window at 7, there are many, many cars on the road.

So I don’t feel at all bad asking you to tune your car radio* to KPFK 90.7 FM this Wednesday, July 15 at 7 p.m. to listen to Terry Wolverton and I on Feminist Magazine. What else do you have to do besides try to decipher the specialty license plate on the car in front of you?

Both Terry and I have new novels that cover the women’s movement of the ‘70s from an intergenerational perspective. I just started reading hers, The Labrys Reunion, which opens with a bunch of Baby Boomer feminists simultaneously despairing that the younger generation has abandoned the cause and—when confronted with the reunion of the title—sort of thinking, Oh god[dess], I REALLY don’t want to relive all that infighting.

Of course, feminism didn’t stop in the ‘70s, contrary to far-too-popular belief. Some of us are still big fans, even if we sometimes wear/obsess about red banana-heeled pumps. Terry and I shall discuss this and more. I hope you’ll join us!

*I hear that radios work outside of cars too. So if you’re one of those lucky people who works at/close to home, or one of those unlucky people who commutes during the rushier rush hour, you can probably still catch Terry and I wherever you are. If you miss us, the podcast will be available at


Tracy Lynn said...

I like toast. :-)

Cheryl said...

It's the ultimate bread.

Lynn @Feminist Magazine said...

'combat traffic & patriarchy at the same time' - love it. it could be the new tagline for our radio show!

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Lynn. See you very soon!