Tuesday, July 21, 2009

three news items

1) AK checked the half marathon website, and her actual time was 2:16, not 2:19 as previously reported. They (the people who organize races) do this thing now where they attach a little tag to your shoe and scan you like a carton of milk when you cross the start and finish lines. That way, if you’re trapped behind thousands of runners and it takes you three minutes just to get to the starting line, your official time doesn’t suffer. This means AK met her goal and now rocks more than ever.

2) I will be reading in Seattle at Elliott Bay Book Co. on Tuesday, Aug. 18, at 7:30 p.m. It’s my first out-of-state reading ever and I’m excited and nervous. If even your second cousin’s ex-wife lives in a distant suburb of Seattle and you can convince her to come out for this event, I will be forever grateful to you.

3) My attempt at healthy living a la Laura and Mikko has already been derailed by an iced mocha at 7-Eleven and a low fat (but high everything else) cinnamon swirl coffee cake at Starbucks. I’m pretty sure both “foods” have more than five ingredients, and that one of them is high fructose corn syrup.


jenny said...

When you schedule your Chicago tour, I will totally bring my second cousin's ex-wife along!

And unless you're doing something crazy to it, I think your iced mocha still counts as healthy living, doesn't it? That's what I convince myself every morning... :)

Prince Gomolvilas said...

High fructose corn syrup gets a bad rap, I think, because of the word "high." And the word "fructose." And the word "syrup."

Cheryl said...

As the high fructose corn syrup lobby likes to remind us, it's made from corn! How bad can it be? There's some pretty awesome propaganda at http://sweetsurprise.com.

the last noel said...

Hey, tell AK congrats. I'd run the LA Marathon with a gazillion people. It can take up to thirty minutes to pass the starting line. I learned to love those little chips on my shoe.

Cheryl said...

It took me thirty minutes to realize the bus I was waiting for in order to get me to the place where I wanted to watch the L.A. Marathon wasn't coming. That was enough frustration for me. :-)