Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ironically,* I sat in traffic for a long time in order to get to the studio to record the show that would combat traffic and patriarchy. I was nervous about getting a rogue coughing fit or sudden amnesia on the air, but it all went fine, thanks to Terry and to Lynn and Celina, the hosts. There are few things more wonderful than warm and welcoming hosts when you're feeling jumpy and under-prepared.

But now I'm exhausted, the way that talking to people frequently makes me. And it was a weird week at work, and I have to get up in four hours and forty minutes to get on a plane.

THEN, though, I will be on vacation. AK has to run a half marathon, but I will be there for the wine (it's in Napa) and the seeing of friends. Cheers!

*Maybe. I've been a bit confused about the definition of irony since that Alanis song, when it became cool to point out how she misused the word "ironic." Now I second guess myself every time I try to use it.


El Changuito said...

I'm excited to hear your interview online. I'm so proud of you for yet another thing that I have never done. :D

CC needs to start stretching for the big run. You can start doing pinky push-ups in preparation of wine tasting! Mmmm. Jesus juice.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about your use of the word ironic, but you do seem to misuse "I" and "me" quite often - like you always say "I" when, sometimes, you should say "me." (For example, your reference in the post below about your radio play). I guess there is no good way to say this since it is going to sound bad no matter how it is said and you might not have to care because you are a published writer and all. For that, I'm sorry! If it makes up for it at all, which I imagine it won't, I think you are very witty and funny and a great blogger!

Cheryl said...

EC: The pinky push-ups paid off!

Anon: I don't care very much, not because I'm a "published writer" and I think that lets me off some kind of grammar hook, but because I'm generally more interested in using language to precisely capture an experience or tone (including that of spoken language, which is often grammatically incorrect) than in getting an A+ in grammar.

That said, I think I still prize accuracy (whatever that is, given that language is always evolving--maybe I should say orthodoxy instead) more than the average person who places large blocks of text on the internet. If I'd caught the I/me glitches, I probably would have changed most of them.

Glad you like the blog. I'll continue to throw in grammatical errors to keep you reading.

El Changuito said...

Cheryl you're so sweet! I would have called anonymous a coward and demand that he/she show his/her face. Grrr.

(I got your back!)