Sunday, March 06, 2011

flatiron: it's not just a building in new york

There's something kind of only-in-L.A. about getting in your car and driving to a truck. But there was no way we were going to pass up an opportunity to eat food made by Timothy, also known as the generous and enterprising chef who cooked food on a grill made from a laundry tub at a park with no running water for our non-wedding. Give him a truck outfitted with a stove and a sink and imagine what he can do.

It's a little amazing to me that I know people who have started their own businesses (the closest I ever came to anything so entrepreneurial was starting my own Babysitters Club in fifth grade), and the Flatiron Truck seems like a surefire hit judging by the number of people who showed up for its grand opening last night on Melrose. Even before the windows popped open, people were waiting in line with varying degrees of patience.

The Flatiron Truck serves burgers from, um, one of these parts. I'm certainly no expert, although descriptions of dishes like "chorizo and ground pork, bacon tomato jam, pickled red onions, arugula & manchego cheese" make me wonder whether this vegetarianism thing is all it's cracked up to be. The truck's website says they "serve farm to table fine dining in an inexpensive casual environment," and I can certainly attest to that. Just listening to Timothy talk about cuts of meat and things you can do with vegetables, you know you're witnessing an artist at work, and I love to soak up inspiration from non-writer artists. Even more, I love to eat their work (the non-pork parts).

We got there near sunset, when the sky was all glowy pink and it felt like the right time to get started on the evening's eating adventures with, say, a Farmer's Market Salad. AK pointed out that the carrots were just a little bit grilled. Tasty and in keeping with the truck's theme!

Heather, Timothy's wife and one of my good friends since high school, is also Flatiron's co-founder, communications director (i.e., she talked to the chick from LAist who showed up to cover the event), truck light-hanger and de facto waitress. I don't know if she drives the truck too, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Asparagus with egg and bacon. I gave the bacon to AK, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy some of the salty deliciousness that rubbed off on the veggie parts of the dish. It was all so much more than the sum of its parts.

Three words that say it all: grilled donut holes.


Claire said...

Mmm, sounds very tasty!

On the chance they stop by the blog: Congratulations on the new venture, Timothy and Heather!

Unknown said...

Fried egg on top of grilled asparagus, looks delightful. Will try and make it myself!

Peter Varvel said...

Yum! I mostly try to stay away from pork and red meat, but I think I would have given in to that tasty combo in the photo.
Did the grilled donut holes have a delicious cream filling? :)

Cheryl said...

RH: I wish I could stop by for dinner....

PV: No cream filling, but they had creme fraiche on top--same thing but Frencher.