Tuesday, March 01, 2011

insert picture of vasquez rocks here

I was going to include a photo with this post of me circa 2001 when I was in grad school at CalArts. JoAnna, Jose, Suzanne, Raj, Alex and I took a field trip to Vasquez Rocks, a stunning piece of desert landscape where dozens of films and commercials have been shot. We were no exception: We were there to shoot an experimental film for our collage class (yes, I took a class called “collage” in grad school. Yes, crayons were employed. Yes, I think of this every time I get my student loan statement). Our film’s plot was vague, but I think it involved Jose searching L.A. for Splash the mermaid. Not surprisingly, she was nowhere to be found in the Antelope Valley.

The picture I was going to post is one of my worst. I am wearing a raggedy tank top, squinting into the sun, and my body is a testimony to my 2001 diet of donuts, Coke and veggie chicken nuggets. It doesn’t help that I’m standing next to JoAnna, who looks like a gorgeous two-eyebrowed Frida Kahlo.

I figured it was only fair to post an unflattering photo of myself as punishment for breaking my own “no marketing” Facebook rule, which I’m about to do right now:

Hey everyone, I wrote a story called “The Friendliness Manifesto” that’s in the current issue of the neat web mag Corridors. It takes place at Vasquez Rocks, one of my old grad school haunts.

But alas, my only access to the picture is the one Suzanne posted on Facebook, and the site now makes it impossible to just right click and “save image as.” So pics that happen on FB stay on FB. Oh well.


Peter Varvel said...

The butt shot looks pretty damn good up there. No sweatshirt camouflauge needed!

Cheryl said...

Aw shucks.