Wednesday, March 02, 2011

rocking the sweatshirt-around-the-waist look

Suzanne pointed out that anyone tagged in a photo can click a "download" option. Now I have no excuse not to post my unflattering Vasquez Rocks pics. I'm throwing in the butt shot for good measure. At least Jose, JoAnna and the desert look lovely.


Claire said...

I hope you were wearing sunscreen!

On a film shoot I was on in the desert ages ago, we all spent the day with hats, shades, and bandannas over our faces since the wind was blowing so much.

Tracy Lynn said...

HA! Sometimes I forget you're kind of a hippy.

Peter Varvel said...

Before clicking on the photos to enlarge, I'm thinking, "I don't remember Cheryl having an entire sleeve of ink on her left arm" (I'm not even sure it's tattoos I'm seeing - so my apologies to JoAnna).
The Perpetual Mind State of an 8-year old, here: it would make me smile to think of having used crayons in grad school while viewing monthly loan statements!

Cheryl said...

C: It's been a while, but I'm guessing I was. I'm pretty good about the sunscreen.

TL: Well, I never blow-dry my hair, but that's just laziness.

PV: I'm pretty sure those are shadows, although JoAnna did have a MEChA tattoo on her stomach. She was quite the activist.