Thursday, July 22, 2010

operation: get my life back

About a month ago, our landlord had to tear up our house to do some construction (long story that may or may not involve proper permits), which had many pauses in it because AK and I kept going out of town. But now we’re back and our missing wall is back and, as of last night, our office is finally sort of in order again.

For the OCD-inflicted, having a room that once resembled an episode of Hoarders resemble a room again is like getting a new set of lungs. (But not, like, literally, since I’m sure the organ transplant process doesn’t exactly leave you feeling immediately light and free.) There’s still a bunch of junk piled on one side of the room, and deep down I still believe I need a completely new filing system. So it’s not perfect. Oh, and the whole room still sort of tilts downhill, which makes my particle-board bookshelf settle at a weird angle.

But I feel like step two in Operation: Get My Life Back (step one was staying in one city for more than two effing weeks at a time) can be considered a success.

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